Gather the Facts

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Gather the Facts

Personal injury cases are fact intensive. Gathering all the facts is important. While Anderson & Travis, LLC, is very experienced at gathering the facts, you can also help your case by gathering as much facts as you can. The gathering process starts immediately when the accident occurs.

If you can, as soon as the injury occurs or the accident happens, start gathering the facts. Call the police, but don’t rely on the assumption that the police with gather all the relevant facts. You should document what happened, when it happened, and who was involved. You should also document the weather conditions.

Taking notes and pictures at the time of the accident can help you gather the facts. For example, use your cell phone to take photographs of the road, the vehicles, and the parties. You should also request the other drivers insurance and registration and photograph them. You can also use your phone to take notes. After the accident, it is important that you continue to gather facts.

Personal injury cases are more than just what caused the accident and your injuries. You are injured and will need medical care. It is important that facts are gathered concerning your treatment and recovery. Your medical records will provide many of the facts you will need, but not all the facts.

The medical records will document what treatment you received and when you received the treatment. However, they don’t provide the complete description of your injury and recovery. Only you can describe the impact the accident and injury have had on your life. Document each medical appointment and its impact on your daily life.

For example, because of your medical appointments, did you have to take time off from work? Did you have to use a personal sick day or vacation day? Did you have to travel to the pharmacy to purchase additional medications? Did you have to hire a baby sitter? What costs did you incur? Document your costs and keep copies of your bills.

Also gather facts around the impact the accident and your injuries have had on your life. For example, did your injuries prevent you from working? Also, did your injuries interfere with your recreational activities?

All of these facts are important to help you obtain the maximum verdict or settlement. As you can probably tell by now, you are an integral part of the fact gathering process. Your active participation in your personal injury claim will help you begin to take control over your injuries and help ensure you receive the maximum verdict or settlement.

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