Military Divorce Lawyers Colorado Springs


Military Divorce Lawyers Colorado Springs

Military divorces are not like other divorces.

The best Military Divorce Lawyers Colorado Springs are aware of the unique issues that may arise during a military divorce. The attorneys at Travis Law Group are experienced in military divorces and can guide you through common pitfalls such as retirement plans, deployment, VA disability, TSP account division, determining High-3, Survivor Benefit Plans (SBP), and Blended Retirement Plans. Richard Travis is a former Army JAG attorney and is a highly experienced military divorce attorney. Mr. Travis has taught attorneys at CLEs regarding military family law issues.

Military Retirement Plans.

The terms of how any military retirement is divided may depend on when you or your spouse began serving in the military. Additionally, the amount of retirement you or your spouse will receive may be determined based upon the years of military service completed by the service member and how many years of marriage overlapped those years of military service. The attorneys at Travis Law Group can help advise you on what your options are concerning the potential division of your (or your spouse’s) retirement plan.

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1. Does your firm offer a military discount?

Yes, we do. We are thankful to all our servicemen and servicewomen for their service and commitment to our country. Ask us about our decreased hourly rate for military members during your consultation.

2. How do I get child support or maintenance from someone who is deployed?

Just because a military member is deployed does not mean they can shirk their responsibilities to take care of their family. Regardless of whether you (or your spouse) are deployed or in Colorado, if there is a Court Order that states you are to receive child support, that Order must be followed. We can help you recover overdue support payments from a delinquent spouse.

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