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How does Colorado decide who gets custody of a child?

Typically, Colorado is a 50/50 parenting time state, and the Courts try to encourage and facilitate parents’ involvement with the children. However, when parties do not agree on parenting time and what is best for the children, the Colorado court system must determine custody disputes based on the children’s best interests. The Court will consider factors such as the wishes of each party, the ability and willingness to place the children’s needs ahead of the parties’ own needs, the ability of the parties to facilitate a relationship with the other parent, and more. The court will also ensure that the child is not abused or neglected if the child is neglected, used, or in danger while in the other parent’s care; the custody order may include supervised visitation or limited parenting time.

If the Colorado court decides that one parent should have sole decision-making authority or full custody, the child will reside with that parent who was determined to be best able to care for the child. Although the parent having custody/full decision-making authority of a child is typically the only person who can make medical, religious, or educational decisions for the child, the child may also have a relationship with the other parent. Additionally, the parent having custody of the child may not always have the final say when making decisions for the child.

What does legal representation mean?

Legal representation means that you have an attorney or licensed professional experienced in divorce. A divorce attorney can help you protect your rights and understand your options.

Do I need to hire a Colorado child custody lawyer?

If you are divorcing and want to make the process easier or more thoughtful, you may want to hire an attorney. If you do, you will have a lot more information and legal advice at your disposal.

If a dispute or court order is preventing you from seeing your children, and you would like to be able to see your children and take care of your children without problems, you should hire a Colorado child custody lawyer.

Why do attorneys sometimes work on a contingency fee basis?

A contingency fee is an arrangement where the client does not pay the attorney for their services until the client wins a case. The attorney has not been paid for cases where the client does not win. The client pays the attorney only if they win the case. Travis Law Group only offers contingency fee agreements to personal injury cases.


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