Family Law

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Providing Family Law Advice for Over 15 Years

A divorce is one of the most traumatic events a person can experience. The law and local court orders concerning divorce, parenting time, dissolution of pension/retirement assets, and many other issues continue to increase in complexity. Our Colorado Springs divorce lawyers are committed to providing representation that enables you to make well informed decisions during this most stressful period.

Negotiations are an essential and necessary step in all domestic cases. Each Colorado Springs divorce lawyer at Travis Law Group is a skilled and seasoned negotiator. However, there are times when negotiations fail and litigation is the only recourse. When that happens, the Colorado Springs divorce lawyers of Travis Law Group aggressively represent you in court.

We represent clients in the following family law areas:

Colorado Divorce Attorneys with Experience That Works for You!

An experienced Colorado Springs divorce attorney from Travis Law Group can provide you with assistance every step of the way through the process of getting a divorce. We handle everything from filing the petition through temporary and final orders to resolving any post-decree matters.

Experienced negotiators and litigators help you reach a desirable outcome efficiently.
Each Colorado Springs divorce attorney from Travis Law Group is an experienced litigator who aggressively represents your interests in any setting. Where resolution can be reached by agreement, we utilize different types of negotiation strategies to obtain a desirable outcome in an efficient and effective manner. This approach helps to settle the less contentious issues up-front and to identify the matters that may eventually require judicial assistance. When a court hearing becomes the best option, we are skilled at advocating on your behalf before a judge.

We also help you uncover important financial considerations that impact your case.
The financial considerations involved in a divorce can be confusing and overwhelming. As such, we help you prepare the financial documentation that is necessary in a divorce, as well as facilitate property appraisals. If needed, we also offer assistance in obtaining a truthful picture of the other party’s financial situation by working with a personal investigator to uncover any concealed assets or undisclosed income.

Your relevant issues are addressed so you can make informed decisions now.
We understand that beyond its immediate repercussions, a divorce affects each person’s financial and family situation well into the future. Therefore, the resolution of the divorce process has to withstand the test of time. To that end, we help you make decisions that will serve you and your loved ones in the long run. We ensure that all the relevant issues get addressed and settled in order to minimize the potential for future conflict and reduce the need for later adjustments.

Former JAG attorneys address your unique military divorce needs.
As former JAG attorneys, we have the unique ability to understand the special issues involved in a military divorce. We educate you about your rights and additional standards that may apply to you. We are also experienced in handling the financial considerations unique to service members and their families, such as retirement pay.

Struggling with Custody Issues? We Can Help

Each experienced Colorado Springs child custody lawyer from Anderson & Travis recognizes that following a divorce, the former spouses continue as co-parents. Therefore, we assist you in developing and formalizing a parenting plan that serves the best interests of each child. A parenting plan should ensure the child’s safety and well-being, minimize conflict, and facilitate the transition to a new family configuration.

Our negotiation and litigation skills help you reach the most beneficial parenting plan.
Our child custody lawyers use effective negotiation and litigation skills to arrive at a legally-binding plan that protects your parent-child relationship. A typical plan addresses the following:

  • Parenting time: Decide how the parents will divide care and responsibility for each child throughout the year. This includes a schedule for overnights and visitation, as well as appropriate communication between the parents for the child’s benefits.
  • Parent/Child Contact: Set up contact between each child and the parent who does not have the child in his or her care at the time.
  • Decision-Making Process: Identify how parents will make decisions about the child’s upbringing.

The Colorado Springs child custody lawyers of Anderson & Travis help you navigate all of these issues in a way that provides long-term stability to your family.

Negotiating Child Support Issues for You and Your Child

The Colorado Springs child support lawyers at Anderson & Travis assist you in ensuring that your children are provided for following a divorce. We also help minimize the impact of divorce on your personal finances.

We maximize your benefits under state guidelines.
A divorce should not cause the children to suffer negative financial consequences. To that effect, the state of Colorado has passed specific child-support guidelines. It is our goal to maximize the benefit you can derive from child support as it relates to these statutory guidelines.

We ensure your child’s interests come first.
Our child support attorneys also have experience with the state’s administrative process for securing and enforcing child support obligations. Therefore, we are able to manage the involvement of the Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU) in a client’s case. Regardless of whether the CSEU’s role is adversarial or not, our Colorado Springs child support attorneys ensure that your interests are paramount and do not become compromised by the administrative considerations.

Advocating for Equitable Maintenance

Colorado law protects the dependent spouse’s standard of living following a divorce. Maintenance, also known as alimony or spousal support, offers ongoing support to a former spouse following the dissolution of marriage or a legal separation. A Court may award maintenance if a spouse lacks sufficient property to care for his or her reasonable needs and is unable to support him or herself through appropriate employment.

Our relentless attention to detail and preparation helps build your case.
The Court takes into consideration many factors such as age, financial resources, earning capacity of the party seeking maintenance, the duration of the marriage, the standard of living established during the marriage, and the other party’s ability to make the payments. Marital misconduct of either party is not a factor. A maintenance obligation expires upon the death or remarriage of the recipient spouse, unless ordered otherwise.

We advocate for fair maintenance for you.
The Colorado Springs attorneys of Anderson & Travis advocate for the equitable and fair application of the law in each client’s case. We also help you compile and obtain all the necessary financial information to support and substantiate your position.

Experienced Family Lawyers Who Help You Navigate Change

Following a divorce, new issues may arise and demand legal attention. Post-decree matters can include enforcing and/or punishing an ex-spouse for violation of a previously determined court order or visiting new needs/requests related to your children’s best interests (e.g. custody, visitation, child support or health insurance). Our experienced Colorado Springs post-decree lawyers at Anderson & Travis are well-versed in assisting you in tackling these post-decree matters.

When circumstances change, we help you modify court orders.
Despite a thorough and careful handling of the divorce process, your or your ex-spouse’s circumstances may change in a way that makes original divorce arrangements oppressive, unfair and/or just not make sense anymore. A new and unexpected situation may also require the insertion of additional terms to your existing order or agreement. On the other hand, adjustments may be needed to correct a poorly crafted divorce decree that does not serve your interests. Whatever the reason for modifying court orders, we can help you quickly and effectively facilitate the necessary modification process.

Our experienced divorce attorneys can help you enforce court orders.
Unfortunately, in some cases, an ex-spouse refuses to follow the established rules or to make the required payments of maintenance or child support. The Colorado Springs post-decree attorneys of Anderson & Travis are also experienced in resolving situations of non-compliance.