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A divorce is one of the most traumatic events a person can experience. We are committed to providing representation that enables our clients to make well-informed decisions during this most stressful period.

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The personal injury attorneys at Travis Law Group understand the physical and emotional pain associated with an injury. We provide skilled and aggressive representation to help you and/or your loved ones who have been seriously injured or harmed by another.


How much are lawyer fees in Colorado?

The fees depend on the situation. The amount can vary from case to case. The contentiousness of the case and the property and debts held by a party can cause a case’s expenses to either increase or decrease, depending on the situation.

What is the divorce process in Colorado?

The first step is deciding whether you want an uncontested or contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the parties agree on every matter of divorce, including property division, debt allocation, custody, decision making, parenting time schedules, and support. A contested divorce is one in which the parties do not agree on a division of property or money, ebt allocation, custody, decision making, parenting time schedules, and support. Finally, in a contested divorce, the parties will likely end up in a trial.

How do I know if I need a lawyer to take care of my divorce?

You should contact an attorney if you have questions about the divorce process or if you are considering handling your divorce case but find you have questions and concerns about the process. Unfortunately, many divorces require the assistance of an attorney.

How much child custody should I get in Colorado?

Colorado tries to keep both parents involved in a child’s life. However, there are circumstances in which the Court may determine that one parent should have more parenting time than the other parent due to the child’s best interests. The amount of child custody/parenting time each parent receives depends on each case’s situation. The Court will ultimately determine the child custody/parenting time based on the child’s best interests.

How long does a divorce take?

Colorado law requires a mandatory 91-day waiting period after filing a Petition for Dissolution. However, the divorce process often takes much longer than the 91-day waiting period. So, unfortunately, there is no perfect answer to this question. In general, a divorce takes longer if there are complications and disputes, such as income disputes, parenting time disputes, the need for a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) or Parental Responsibility Evaluator (PRE), a high level of assets like many businesses or self-employment, or a high level of debts. Generally, a divorce can take anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years. The most significant determining factors will be the complexity of the assets and debts, the agreements or non-agreements between the parties, the parties’ availability, and the court’s involvement.

What is the importance of hiring a family law lawyer in Colorado?

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can go through in their life. Family law can be very complex and extremely distressing for the parties involved. Having a legal advocate/representative knowledgeable of the law and capable of focusing their efforts and attention on your legal needs is not only helpful. Still, it can also be stress-relieving and extremely beneficial to your case’s result. In most cases, it is crucial to obtain the help of a family law lawyer to assist you with your legal needs and to ensure that all avenues of legal options have been considered. A family law lawyer can help by providing a great deal of information and knowledge to the client.

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