Family Law Attorneys Colorado Springs

Family Law Attorneys Colorado Springs

Do I need a family law attorney or a divorce attorney?

Yes, family law attorneys are “divorce lawyers.” But there are many other issues that a family law attorney, sometimes referred to as domestic relations lawyer, can help you with, in addition to divorce. Are you looking to adopt a child? Would you like to speak to someone about a divorce? Are you already dealing with child support or spousal maintenance? Is there a disagreement about parenting time? Have you or someone in your home suffered abuse? A qualified family attorney can address these issues (and more).

What is family law or domestic relations?

Family law (or domestic relations) usually deals with civil unions and domestic partnerships, marriages, prenuptial agreements, divorces, legal separations, property settlements, alimony, child abuse, spousal abuse, custody, adoption. The attorneys at Travis Law Group are educated and experienced on the many facets of family law and can successfully assist you with your domestic relations issue.

All family law attorneys are not the same.

If you need a family law attorney in Colorado Springs, you should contact the Travis Law Group. Nominated as the Best Attorney and the Best Law Firm in Colorado Springs, the staff at Travis Law Group are well-equipped to advocate on your behalf. Our peers, our community, our friends, and our clients will tell you that If you need assistance with one of these issues, please contact us so that we can set up a consultation to discuss your winning strategy.

How much does a family lawyer cost?

Typically, family law attorneys are hired on a flat rate or an hourly fee. The Travis Law Group handles domestic relations cases on an hourly fee basis. The client deposits a sum of money, called a retainer, and the attorneys bill the retainer based on their hourly rate. At Travis Law Group, our hourly rates are contained in our fee agreement so that you are informed as to what you are being charged from the outset of our representation.

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1. Can I handle my divorce without an attorney?

Yes, however, we believe it is unwise to represent yourself. Most people are not as informed about the law, their options, or how the judicial system, as a trained lawyer is. Family law attorneys deal with these issues on a daily basis, and they are familiar with the likely outcomes of what you are dealing with. If you are facing one of the many domestic relations issues, you should contact a family law attorney so that you can be more informed of your options.

2. How do I get child support from someone who is not paying?

Child support is ordered by the Court. As such, a failure to pay is a violation of a Court Order and subjects the person failing to pay to the contempt powers of the Court. That can include retroactive payments, fines, and even jail time. If someone owes you child support and is not current on their payments, on behalf of your child(ren), you should speak to a lawyer immediately.

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